Alice Park Renovations

Two deteriorating wooden pergolas that had been in Carrollton’s Alice Park since it was built 20 years ago have been replaced with new, upgraded metal structures.

“The pergolas were in bad disrepair,” said Randall Eidson, detail officer/project manager for the Carrollton Police Department. “Vines had overcome them so we cut back the vines and tore the wooden structures down.”

Eidson, leading a crew of Carroll County inmates, designed and built the new metal pergolas and supports and welded them at city shops at the East Carrollton Recreation Complex and on Bradley Street. They were installed by crane and forklift with the help of the city’s Facilities Maintenance employees. Workers also repaired concrete around the bases of the pergolas, painted the structures black and painted the concrete to match the brick.

The price tag for the project was just over $9,000. Eidson estimated city employees doing almost all the labor saved the city around $6,000. The improvements to the park took just over a month to complete.

Two houses that once sat on the property at the intersection of Tanner and East Center streets in Carrollton’s In-Town South Historic District had become dilapidated by the late 1990s. Roy Richards, Jr., (the park is named after his late mother, Alice H. Richards) bought the property and donated it to the city. Alice Park was built with donations from the community in 2000.

“Concerned neighbors worked together to clean up a blighted spot and it became a nice property,” said Parks Director Kent Johnston. “It has been a very positive addition to the community.”

Johnston said the park is a popular spot for weddings, hosting several ceremonies each year.

The new pergolas join Alice Park’s other signature fixture, a water feature that was renovated a few years ago, as the park enters its third decade.

As a finishing touch to the project, Facilities Maintenance electrician, Jeremy Mashburn, wired the pergola at the park’s entrance for electricity and installed a lantern-style light fixture, formerly used at the Depot on Bradley, on it.

“I wish everybody would go by at night and see it.” said Eidson. “It looks beautiful,”

Alice Park rents for $75 for a half-day and $100 for a day. For more information on park reservations, contact Janice Kerr at (770)832-1161.

SNAP Helps First Responders Help the Community

The more information first responders have when they arrive at the scene of an emergency, the better they are able to assess the situation, leading to a more positive outcome. Carrollton Police Department’s Special Neighbor Assistance Program is an effort to identify citizens with special needs and better assist them.

“Enhancing our citizens’ well-being and confidence by deploying proactive and progressive policing methods will elevate our most vulnerable population’s life in our city,” Sgt. Omereo C. Potts said. “It is of the utmost priority to deliver the most professional, efficient services to the residents of Carrollton.”

The program utilizes information gathered from a form, which is filled out by residents on a voluntary basis. This information is then given to 911 dispatch and entered into their system where it shows up on the computer monitor during a 911 call from that resident. Dispatch advises all responding agencies this residence may contain a person with special needs, such as being non-ambulatory, wheelchair-bound or bedridden, hearing or visually impaired. It also provides a secondary contact person for the residence. By having this information available, response time is significantly reduced and there are fewer miscommunications on the scene.

Some goals of the department’s community policing programs, including SNAP, are to increase police presence and visibility in neighborhoods, do door-to-door knock-and-talks, establish rapport and community feedback, hand out crime-prevention material, provide information on crime affecting that neighborhood and identify citizens that might require special assistance.

The SNAP program increases residents’ feelings of security, enhances cohesiveness between neighbors and public safety personnel and decreases response and reaction times for all public safety and emergency response personnel.

All members of the department are encouraged to identify residents who live in the city limits of Carrollton who may qualify for SNAP. Information may also be collected via officer/citizen contact, computers, phone, mail or from contacts made by other officers or city employees.

“Sgt. Kurt Catudal established the SNAP program while he was here,” said Sgt. Potts. “He put his heart and soul into it. I proudly keep this program going just as he intended.”

For questions concerning this program or to submit your or a loved one’s special needs information to the Carrollton Police Department, please call (770) 834-4451.

Police and Fire Awarded Grant

The City of Carrollton’s public safety departments were awarded $38,464 by the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“This grant enhances our ability to protect the citizens while reducing the risk of virus spread to our citizens and public safety personnel,” said Fire Chief Jimmy Bearden.

The city’s police and fire departments are using the grant money to purchase personal protective equipment.

“We are very thankful for this grant from the Department of Justice and the partnership we have with the Carrollton Fire Department,” said Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards.

Emergency Supplemental Funding Program dollars can be used to pay for equipment (including law enforcement and medical personal protective equipment), supplies like protective coveralls, gloves, masks, gowns and sanitizer and addressing the medical needs of inmates in state, local, and tribal prisons, jails and detention centers.

Flock Safety @ Carrollton Police Dept.’s Public Safety Event

August 15 @ 2:30 pm 3:30 pm

Carrollton Police Department invites neighbors and business owners to our Community Safety Event ‪on August 15th at 6:30pm in our PD Training Room. Flock Safety’s mission is to eliminate crime and will be presenting on how to make your community safer. Their license-plate-reading cameras give police the evidence they need to solve crimes. Come to the event and learn how you can work with Carrollton PD and Flock in stopping crime in your community.

Carrollton Police Department Training Room

115 West Center Street
Carrollton, Georgia 30117 United States
(770) 834-4451