Tax Allocation District

Authorized under Georgia’s Redevelopment Powers Law, Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) offer opportunities for Georgia cities and counties to support desired private development in blighted and under-valued areas within their jurisdictions. TADs enable local governments to reinvest the resulting incremental property tax revenues from new developments in needy areas into the project themselves or into supportive public improvements. TAD increments may be used to reduce the developer’s cost to replace or upgrade deficient public infrastructure to assemble properties for redevelopment, to demolish existing blighted structures or to defray other costs as needed to make redevelopment economically feasible.

The City of Carrollton established Carrollton Tax Allocation District #1 in December 2022 for the purpose of encouraging private investment within this area. The City has the authority to consider forming new TADs in the future. Carrollton’s mayor and council retain the responsibility as the redevelopment agent for approving specific uses of future tax increments generated within TAD #1.

For more information, contact Community Development Director, Erica Studdard, at or 770-830-2000.

TAD 1 Map