Recycle Grease Bins

The City of Carrollton adopted an ordinance for regulating recycle grease bins. The new article (Article IV) is intended to promote public health, safety and welfare by regulating these bins to ensure they do not pose a hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, that material does not accumulate outside of the bins and the bins avoid attracting vermin, unsightliness and meet public health standards. 

Registration is required.
In order to maintain recycle grease bins, all currently operational food service establishments owning and/or using recycle grease bins are required to register the bin with the City of Carrollton. Only bins designed for the exclusive purpose of storing recycle grease will be approved.

One recycle grease bin per restaurant.
A recycle grease bin should only be used by one establishment and must be in an approved location on the restaurant’s property. Restaurants on Adamson Square may place bins on city property once a location has been determined and approved. Bins should have the restaurant’s name clearly marked and should be locked at all times except when dumping grease into them. Each restaurant is responsible for acquiring its own recycle grease bin and service.

Keep it clean.
Bins should be maintained in good condition with no structural damage, holes, visible rust or graffiti and should be serviced regularly to prevent overflow of grease. The registered owner is responsible for keeping the area around each bin free of litter, garbage and any other undesirable material.  

Recycle grease bins will be inspected regularly by the City of Carrollton. Restaurants that violate the ordinance may be required to have a sanitation bond or be subject to other punishment, per the City of Carrollton Code of Ordinances.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our city cleaner, healthier and safe. For questions, please contact the Wastewater Department at 770-830-2017.

Recycle Grease Bin Registration

Be sure your restaurant name is visibly identified on your recycle grease bin.

Include the size, color, and location of the bin and any identifying marks contained on the bin’s exterior.