The City issues Alcohol Licenses and Special Alcoholic Beverage Event Licenses.

  • Renewal packets will be mailed out in September.
  • Renewal forms are due by October 31.
  • Full payment or 1st quarterly payment is due no later than December 31 (penalties will be added to those turned in late).
  • 2nd quarterly payment is due no later than March 31, 3rd quarterly payment is due no later than June 30 and 4th quarterly payment is due no later than September 30.

Please click the appropriate category to access and download reports.

Alcohol License Applications

Please download both and keep the Ordinance for your records

Alcohol Excise Tax Reports

All businesses that acquire a Consumption on the Premises Alcohol License must complete an Excise Tax Report every month. The reports are due by the 20th of the following month.

If a corporation has an existing Alcohol License, they can apply for a Licensee Name Change here.

Special Alcohol Beverage Event License Applications

Private parties, organizations and entities – $250 for one day, $350 for two days, & $500 for three days.
For non-profit civic organizations – $50 per day. 
The fee for an Amphitheater Sale of Alcohol Special Alcoholic Beverage Event License Application – $150.