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2021 Agendas, Summaries and Minutes
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Meetings: Meetings are open to the public. Meetings can be regularly scheduled meetings or special called meetings. Every meeting has an agenda, a summary, and minutes.

Public Comment: Citizen comments are an opportunity for the people of the City of Carrollton to address the Mayor and Council about issues or concerns they may have. All remarks should be directed to the Mayor and not to individual councilmembers, staff or other people in attendance. Those speaking shall make no inappropriate or offensive comment. Anyone who violates the rules of decorum will be asked to leave the council chambers. We have dedicated 30 minutes for public comment, during which individuals are allowed to speak for three minutes each. To qualify for a comment slot, you must be either a resident of the City of Carrollton or a licensed business owner in the City of Carrollton.

To obtain a three-minute speaking slot at a Mayor and Council meeting, please register in the office of the Deputy City Clerk by 5pm of the Monday one week before the next Mayor and Council meeting. Contact: Hayley Beaver 770.830.2000 ext. 2202 /

We want to have an opportunity to research and consider your comments. We will not be able to respond to your inquiry during the Public Comments segment of the meeting. However, we will use your contact information provided when you registered and someone will be in contact with you promptly. Please note, this is not the time for comments on zoning matters, which will occur during the Public Hearing later in the meeting.

Work Sessions: Work sessions have summaries published, but not agendas or minutes.

Agendas: The City of Carrollton posts the Agenda and supporting documents on the City website five (5) business days before a meeting. Typically, this is the Monday prior to the meeting.

Summaries: A Summary of action taken at a Mayor and Council Meeting is posted within 48 hours of the meeting. The Summary may contain only motions (action taken) or may go in to more detail on discussion if time permits.

Minutes: Minutes to any meetings are not posted until adopted.