Catching Up: Sgt. Rob Holloway

Survival and recovery have taken CPD Sergeant Rob Holloway on a long journey in the year since he was injured in the line of duty, last April 12.

Rob receives daily physical and occupational therapy to increase his flexibility, speech therapy to improve his talking and deductive reasoning and visual therapy that includes special glasses to help re-establish his peripheral vision.

He has high praise for Rehab Without Walls, his therapy providers who work with him at home.

“They come to me,” Holloway said. “Which is great, after three months in the Shepherd Center.”

Rob said his faith, family and friends, including his best friend and fellow officer, Lt. Brad Easterwood, have sustained him through a year of treatments, procedures and therapy.

“I have a good support group,” he said. “My friends and family, they really rally around you.”

Holloway has become something of an inspirational presence in Carrollton, with churches and other groups inviting him to share his story and individuals expressing their support when they run into him in the community.

“I go into Kroger and people will come up and ask me to pray with them,” Rob said. “I’m not a preacher, but I want people to see what the Lord has done for me.”
As his recovery continues, Sgt. Holloway remains open minded about his future plans, which could include volunteering at the PD and Sheriff’s Office and some motivational speaking. He said he’d like to speak at the GA Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI) conference this fall, assuring everyone,“We’re not done.”

“Be positive,” he said in a message to his fellow city employees. “Don’t have a negative attitude, no matter what happens to you. Read as much as you can – inspirational books, inspiring quotes – just never quit educating yourself. Keep striving and working hard and looking forward and be a good support system to all your friends. Never give up.”