Mayor and Council October Work Session

The City of Carrollton Mayor and Council will hold a work session on Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 9am in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of City Hall, 315 Bradley Street, Carrollton, GA.  

The purpose of the Work Session is to vote on the Culture Lounge alcohol license, review a site plan amendment request at E. Reese St. / Rhudy St, review a GDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant agreement, discuss a multi-family housing inspection program, discuss extended stay hotels/motels, review current bid projects, discuss parking lot paving, vehicle purchases, board appointments and an executive session regarding real estate matters. The work session will be streamed via Zoom, please email for the meeting ID. A summary of the work session will be posted on the City website within 48 hours after the meeting.

Anyone requiring special needs should contact Faith Pullen at City Hall at 770-830-2000 or prior to the work session.