Housing Authority Commended

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development commended the City of Carrollton Housing Authority, September 9, for their Family Unification Program, which helps local families secure affordable housing for their children or dependents and former foster youth at risk of homelessness.

HUD Southeast Regional Administrator Denise Cleveland-Leggett, Carrollton Mayor Betty Cason and CHA Executive Director Charles Griffin, Commissioner Rose Holley and Housing Manager Brandy Marenco participated in a virtual congratulatory meeting Wednesday.

Family Unification Program provides Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) to families for whom the lack of adequate housing is a primary factor in either the placement of the family’s child in out-of-home care or the delay in the return of the child to the family from out-of-home care. The vouchers may also go to youth between 18 and 24 who left foster care at age 16 or older or will leave foster care within 90 days and are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.