City Honors Cardiac Arrest Responders

During their meeting on July 11, Carrollton’s mayor and council honored a group of responders, healthcare professionals and bystanders that came together in April of this year to form what the American Heart Association calls the “cardiac arrest chain of survival” after a man suffered a cardiac arrest while walking along Centennial Drive.

On April 25, 2022 Blake Presnal, George Kelley, and Mike Eady were walking along the road right of way of Centennial Drive looking at an area where they would be installing an erosion control fence later in the day when Mike suddenly collapsed. Michael Wahl, a local business owner, was driving by, saw Mike collapse and realized it was not a trip and fall. Michael immediately stopped, rendered first aid and began bystander CPR. Blake called 911 and George assisted Blake and Michael.

Operator Felicia Rowland received the Carroll County 911 call. Using 911’s new emergency medical dispatch program, Felicia concentrated her efforts on ensuring the appropriate units were dispatched quickly. Communications training officer Zach Tyler was the dispatcher for fire and ambulance at this time and quickly got the correct units dispatched to the scene.

Carrollton Fire Engine 23 (located on Central High Road) and West Georgia Ambulance unit 43 responded to the scene. The Engine 23 crew consisted of Lt. Chad Thigpen, driver Scott Daniel, and firefighter Kendrick Davis. The fire department crew took over CPR from Michael. They quickly deployed their automated external defibrillator and administered three shocks to Mike’s heart. After the third shock, they were able to detect a pulse and Mike began attempting to breath on his own. West Georgia Ambulance arrived on the scene minutes later, led by paramedic Abbey Prestridge and EMT Summer Vise, and they took over advanced patient care and transported him to Tanner Health System’s ER.

They were met by emergency room physician Dr. Warren and nursing staff Lacey Causey and Ben Bram. The ER staff stabilized Mike and evaluated his condition before sending him to the Cardiac Cath Lab, where nursing staff Abby Lewis and Johnny Culwell assisted the cardiologist with Mike’s care. Mike had a substantial coronary artery blockage that required a stent to be placed into the artery.

Mike is still recovering. He undergoes checkups and recently had a defibrillator implanted in his chest. Two weeks after suffering the cardiac arrest, Mike was back at work, doing what he loves best: “moving dirt.”

On behalf of the mayor and council, Mike and Sue Ann Eady presented Life Saver Coins to: Blake Presnal, co-worker; George Kelley, co-worker; Michael Wahl, bystander; Felicia Rowland, Carroll County 911; Zach Tyler, Carroll County 911; Lieutenant Chad Thigpen, driver; Scott Daniel, firefighter; Kendrick Davis and Abbey Prestridge, West Georgia Ambulance; Summer Vise, West Georgia Ambulance; Dr. Warren, Tanner Medical Center; ER physician Lacey Causey, Tanner Medical Center; Nurse Ben Bram, Tanner Medical Center; Nurse Abby Lewis, Tanner Cath Lab; Nurse Johnny Culwell, Tanner Cath Lab.