Only qualified businesses in the Main Street district with valid City of Carrollton Occupational Tax Licenses, Business License, Alcohol Beverage Privilege Licenses and valid Carroll County Health Department Food Service Permits may locate and provide structures on the public sidewalks of Adamson Square. 

Structures may include but are not limited to: tables, chairs, umbrellas, benches, A-frame boards, clothing racks, visual merchandise, and directional signage. 

Requests for authorization to locate any temporary outside structure must be made with the Main Street Director on ap-plication forms provided by same. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the city. 

The area(s) in which structures may be located shall be established by the Building Official in consultation with the Fire Chief. However, at all times thirty-six inches (36”) of continuous unobstructed access to pedestrian traffic must be main-tained. Additionally, any structure(s) must remain directly in front of the building at all times. 

In regards to tables, no more than four tables with a four-top max with accompanying chairs shall be permitted per business. This number may be reduced if adequate space is not available. The material type and design of the tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas and other furnishings must be approved by the City. 

All temporary structures must be removed from the public sidewalk area at the close of the business day and shall be stored inside during all non-operating hours, except in the event the structures and/or seating are enclosed with permanent fencing. 

Businesses with any sidewalk structures are responsible for keeping the area immediately around the structure in clean and safe conditions. 

The City shall have the authority to require the removal of any structure, to suspend operations, clear such area, or to modify the location for any special event or for any other reason(s) determined necessary by the City, including, but not limited to, sidewalk repair and maintenance. 

In order for wait staff to serve alcoholic beverages outside, the patrons must be seated and the restaurant must comply with all state and city licensing and must receive approval for their temporary structures from the city. All beverages must be served in plastic cups, except in the event the outdoor seating area is enclosed with permanent fencing. If any incidences occur at the fault of the restaurant or patron the city has the right to suspend the restaurant’s rights to serve alcohol outside. 

The business must furnish the building official with evidence of public liability insurance naming the City as insured parties and insuring them against any liability resulting from the use of the tables on public property. The coverage shall not be less than $500,000. The accord form must be submitted with this application to be considered. 

If the business is in violation of this agreement, Main Street Program or the City of Carrollton reserves the right to revoke the permit. 

Once an application has been approved it will only apply to the approved structures for that current business. Any changes will require the resubmitting of another application. If the approved business moves, closes or changes ownership, the application will be considered null and void. 

Please submit the online application below, or click here for a pdf version.

Temporary Sidewalk Permit Application

Brief description of project/structure including size, materials, design and quantity. If possible, please provide images.
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