Public Sculpture Submission – 2024 Neva Lomason Library

What are the dimensions and weight of the piece?
What is the value of the piece?
Please describe the medium and theme/concept of the piece.
How would this piece need to be installed and removed? How many people other than the artist would be needed?
Provide a short artist bio and/or statement about your work.
List at lease three examples of past installations. Include links to these examples or upload images.
Drop your file here or click here to upload You can upload up to 8 files.
Please upload images of work for submission and past installations if links not provided above. Include a cv if applicable.
What would the estimated timeline be for project completions and time needed to transport and install?
TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR DISPLAY OF ARTWORK: I have read and agree to follow the project guidelines and requirements as listed in the prospectus. I understand that the artwork will be on view for one year and that the provided budget of $3,000 includes the year lease of the artwork plus all transportation, labor, equipment and other costs needed to complete the project, including the installation and de-installation of the piece. The artist will receive 50% ($1,500) of the stipend upfront and the other 50% ($1,500) when the work is de-installed. Liability insurance for the library’s property and visitors will be provided by the West Georgia Regional Library during the exhibition period. Insurance for the sculpture will be the responsibility of the artist while on display. The City of Carrollton and West Georgia Regional Library (including the Neva Lomason Memorial Library) will not cover repairs to damaged artwork during installation, exhibition, or de-installation of the artwork. I understand that artwork must be installed following the schedule listed in the prospectus. Any work that cannot meet the March 28th deadline for installation will not be considered. Permission to reproduce the artwork for publicity purposes is granted if the artwork is selected for the project.