Convention & Visitors Bureau Board

Thera Loolen, Term is tenure as CPRD Director‘s designee
770-832-1161 /

April Saunders, Representing City Manager of Carrollton. Term is tenure as City Manager’s designee.
770-830-2000 /

Betty Cason, (Ex-Officio, non-voting) Term is term as Mayor.
Contact info as City Manager Designee above.

Judy Rowell, (At-large 1) Term expires 6/30/2024. Bowdon Historical Society/The Meeting Place event facility

Kristina Wood, (Lodging Board Post) Term expires 6/30/2024. Manager Courtyard By Marriott
678-664-5200 /

Jacob Skelton, (Food Service Board Post)  Term expires 6/30/2022. 302 South Street
678-602-1506 /

Michael Hart, (At-Large4/Carrollton Hospitality Business Employee Board Post) Vice-President. Term expires June 30, 2022. Loco Catering, Catering Director.
770-639-9326, 404-823-7566 /

Jackie Pate, (At-large Board Post 2). President. Term expires 6/30/2023.
770-832-2378 /

Daryl Johnson, (At-Large Post 3) Term expires 6/30/2023. Park Manager, McIntosh Reserve Park
770-830-5879  / 

Each board member serves three-year terms except those that serve by virtue of their position.