Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade Application

The Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade will take place on December 3, 2022 at 5:30 pm. Registration deadline for the parade is Friday, November 18. No applicants will be permitted after this date. We look forward to having you at the Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade!

New for 2022

Theme: Winter Wonderland
Prizes will be given to the parade units that best execute this year’s theme.

Parade Tips & Guidelines
• As a reminder, no 16 or 18-wheel tractor-trailers are permitted.
• Since the parade begins at dusk, add lights to help brighten up your float.
• Remember to pass out any treats to kids rather than toss from your float.
• Parade staff are not responsible for escorting any children to their float.

Parade Route
Parade will begin on Bradley St. near Minden Ave. and process north through Adamson Square. It will continue down Rome St. and conclude at the intersection of Spring St.

Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade Application

This is the primary contact on parade day.
This is the number we can reach you on parade day. No office numbers.

16 or 18-wheeler trucks or trailers ARE NOT permitted in the parade.
How many walkers/dancers/skaters do you expect to accompany your unit? If all persons in your unit will ride in a vehicle/float/ATV/golf cart, enter 0.
Please provide a short description describing your business/organization, the theme of your float, type of vehicle, etc.
Are there any considerations we need to know when assigning line-up times?

For the purposes of controlling traffic and pedestrian congestion and of providing for the public health, safety, and general welfare, the following regulations shall pertain to all parades conducted within the City:

1. All parade participants shall assemble for the parade check-in at the Train Depot parking lot and shall disperse from public property immediately after the conclusion of the parade. NO PARKING will be allowed in the Train Depot parking lot the day before or on parade day. Walking participants must be picked up after the parade in the Neva Lomason Library parking lot. Participants riding on floats must be picked up after the parade at Hobbs Farm.

2. No parade participant shall carry arms or other weapons (or facsimiles thereof), nor bricks, bats, sticks, rocks, or other items which may be used as weapons.

3. No parade participant shall drink alcoholic beverages or be under the influence of any intoxicating beverages or drugs.

4. Materials used in the construction of floats in the parade shall be of fire-retardant materials and shall be subject to such requirements concerning fire safety as may be determined by the fire chief.

5. Once commenced, the parade shall not stop along the parade route, but shall continue to move at a fixed rate of speed, and any willful delay or willful stopping of such parade, except when reasonably required for the safe and orderly conduct of the parade, shall constitute a violation of the permit.

6. Once commenced, no additional vehicles, individuals, groups or participants shall be permitted to join the parade.

7. In no event shall speeches, rallies, etc. be conducted in the public street or along the sidewalks of the city.

8. No items (including candy) shall be thrown from vehicles. Items may be handed out by registered participants walking in parade.

9. Any other reasonable regulations or restrictions deemed necessary by the chief of police for the protection and safety of the parade participants, viewing public or for the public health, safety, and general welfare of the city, may be imposed by the chief of police. However, such additional regulations or restrictions shall be specified in writing to the applicant with all reasons therefore clearly enumerated.

By checking the box above, I have read the accompanying rules and regulations concerning the City Parade Ordinance and agree to all the conditions thereof. Additionally, I understand that I am also responsible for all participants; knowledge of such terms and conditions of this event. In consideration of my participation or company participation, I agree not to hold the City of Carrollton, or any other agent of representative of the “Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade” liable for any injury or damage, however caused, which may result from my participation. I understand by registering for the parade I am acknowledging I have read the safety rules and understand them clearly.