Downtown Special Events Application

Downtown business owners may apply to the City of Carrollton to host special events and activities on and around Adamson Square. Applicants that have hosted annual events will be given priority and right of first refusal in cases of multiple applications. Only one application will be accepted per downtown business per calendar year. All applicants must adhere to the following rules and regulations.

Event Requirements and Restrictions

Event Application Check List:

  • Downtown Special Events Application
  • $1,000 Sanitation Bond (refundable)
  • $1,000 Rental Fee (non-refundable)
  • Certificate of Insurance Form Listing City of Carrollton as Additional Insured
  • Written Approval from Neighboring/Impacted Business Owners (for quad closures)

If alcohol is being served, these additional items are required through City Hall:

  • Special Event Alcohol Permit Application
  • Special Event Alcohol Fee
  • Copy of Driver’s License

For questions, contact

Downtown Special Events Application

Applicant Information

Event Description

May be no longer than 6 hours from start time.
May begin no more than 3 hours prior to event start.
Must be concluded no more than 3 hours after close of event.

Event Details

Note: If alcoholic beverages are to be sold, a on-day special event alcohol permit is required from the State of Georgia and a copy of the state license must be sent to City Hall at least two weeks before the event.
Note: All music must be concluded by midnight.


If the City has to clean up after the event, the entire sanitation bond will be forfeited. Please contact the City of Carrollton to arrange for trash and recycling collection at 770-830-2000. Pick up and disposal fees may be applicable.
What is your clean-up plan during and after the event?

Portable Toilets

The event must rent portable chemical toilets to accommodate the participants. The City recommends one chemical toilet and one handicap unit for every 250 attendees, or proportion thereof. Portable toilets may not be places in front of any existing business. Please contact City of Carrollton Marketing to ensure that the placement of portable toilets is not negatively impactful to the businesses that surround you.

Security Needs

Final decision on officer needs will be determined by the City of Carrollton.
The rate for City of Carrollton officers is $35 per hour per officer, minimum of three hours per officer
Arrangements for Carroll County officers must be made through Carroll County.

Agreement and Signature

A non-refundable processing fee of $150 is required at the time the application is submitted to the City of Carrollton. Applications may be submitted a maximum of 90 days in advance and must be made at minimum of 30 days in advance. Note: Subject to road closings and unexpected circumstances. Only one application will be approved per request date. Downtown business owners may only be granted approval for one event per calendar year. The City of Carrollton reserves the right to deny any application. I, THE UNDERSIGNED REPRESENTATIVE, HAVE READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS WITH REFERENCE TO THIS APPLICATION AND AM DULY AUTHORIZED BY THE ORGANIZATION TO SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION ON ITS BEHALF. THE INFORMATION HEREIN IS COMPLETE AND ACCURATE.